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Be like Natasha. Make your heart happy

I was in Mapusa market one afternoon, looking for a place to sit and have a coffee or chai. The sun was in its full expression and i was hot and sweating. The smells of Indian spices pierced the thick air; cumin, garam masala, mint, and cardamom and the density of the crowd of people - feeling like they all wanted a something from me - felt oppressive. 

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Nina & Ryan - Featured Nomads

In our 'featured nomads' series, we aim to take the mystery out of living a modern nomadic life. We'll often feature people whose business was born from travel adventures or who are actually living the adventure in their work.  Nina & Ryan were the perfect couple to tell their story.

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Great style is spread throughout this amazing country. From small town Texas seeing guys in chaps, that aren't assless, to native american Indians sitting in hip coffee shops wearing a bola tie and long braid. Boho chic was all over California, and fringe was spotted throughout all the small towns I visitedj, in the south. The Love Nomadic customer is truly roaming through this big beautiful land.

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