Ecuador. Arriving.

Because of my movements and limited access to wi-fi, these posts will be published in bulk.

October 3rd, 2014

I arrived late into Quito.  It had been a long day of travel for a relatively short flight.  I left my house at 8am to get on a train to NY, a taxi to Penn station, another train to the airport, a flight to Quito, which included a stopover in Houston and then a taxi to my hostel an hour away from the airport (I also had to wait for another couple to clear customs, who were sharing the taxi with me).  It meant that I didn’t actually get to my hostel until close to 1am Ecuador time.

I’ve never been a fan of the actual travel part of traveling.

Stepping out of the airport, the air was crisp and hinted at more warmth than I had expected.  Quito is close to the equator so the moon hung upside down, and low.  It lingered above the looming shadow of the mountain range in the distance.  It was one of those moons that bared itself; bright and detailed.

I took it as an omen.

I had already decided that my first two days in Quito would be spent relaxing.  No to do lists, no plans, no things to see, places to be or time constraints.  My regular life is loaded with that.  No, I knew that there would be a lot of work ahead of me so I wanted the first two days simply to feel my feet on new ground rather than explore new territory.  The ambiance and the beauty of the country would reveal itself in time.  That’s my style of travel, I allow it all to unfold and inevitably see everything I’m supposed to, as much as everyone else sees actually – but with a lot less stress and more spontaneity.

This trip has a purpose, for sure.  Go deep, find the artisans, become intimate with their work and create relationships that will offer value for us all.

I’ll be traveling on the ground, by foot and local bus.  Come travel with me.