Love Nomadic is fashion and accessories brand committed to fair trade, quality manufacturing and good story telling. Every piece we design holds a story of travel and epic adventure. We're a little bit bohemian, a little bit modern with a keen eye for small detail and complicated simplicity. We encourage bold travel, unapologetic kindness and audacious spontaneity. 

It’s a really simple philosophy; we run on love. Love of texture, love of color, love of design, love of fine craftsmanship and love of the people who help make it all. But, it’s out love of travel that lies at the heart of everything we do. Exploring our world and foraging for beauty, making friends and hearing stories is what we do best. What comes out of all of that love are products we are proud to share. When you purchase a Love Nomadic item, the positive effects run deep. They are born from a lineage of kindness and relationship and hold story that begs to be shared.

Love Nomadic is for men and  women who are seeking an effortless, stylish and inspired life. We encourage cultural diversity and education and are invested in transparent and ethical business practices and manufacturing by working with compliant factories, local families and artisans and, or, using surplus and re-purposed materials.

Love Nomadic will always travel, we’ll always act with kindness and we’ll always choose love.

We hope you do too.


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Deep Groove Mix

Deep Groove Mix

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