Seven Magic Mountains; the something from nothing

I'm currently on a road trip through the western USA with my friend and co-founder of active wear brand Yogangster; Kelly Isaac. Yes, another road trip! For those of you who have been long time supporters of Love Nomadic, you know that travel is at the heart of everything this brand does. It's the experience we pivot from, return to, seek out and draw inspiration from. For me, as the creative director and current 'everything' person, it's my vital source. 

As Love Nomadic spreads it's wings through the world, I still find that the experiences I am most changed by, and take inspiration from, are the ones that leave me with new friends. Or, new stories. The aesthetic of Love Nomadic, and the foundation that it is built on, always draws upon the principles of connection. I touch something, I am touched by something, a connection is made, something new is formed. That something doesn't have to be tangible, either. 

Fashion starts with a story. Or, rather, it is a story. What we wear creates a narrative around our personal style. But, that style came from an experience you connected to; a visual that made you look longer at it, a feeling that you wanted to embody. Your style tells others the story of you. From the creative's experience, it can start with a flash; a vision, a perspective of a form that you can swear exists but on closer look, wasn't there at all. So you go about re-creating that. That shape, that color story, that silhouette, that feeling. The creative endeavor is never fully complete. It's always moving.

Like art. It can come upon you out of nowhere. That's how I want my life to appear; from a journey, out of the everything that looks like nothing at first.

The above photo was take just outside of Vegas in a town called Jean, Nevada. It's an art installation called Seven Magic Mountains by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.  As you drive Hwy 15 from Los Angeles toward Las Vegas you get a glimpse of color. A flash. From the flat, barren desert, the boulders encroach on the horizon. A vision. Walking toward the mammoth structure is truly impressive. A juxtaposition to the brown & green of the dry desert. His idea for creating this was to connect intercept the natural world we inhabit, and the modern world we live in. 

It looks like something, that comes out of nothing. 

Stay on the run, my friends.

rondinone seven magic mountains
seven magic mountains
ugo rondinone