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Be like Natasha. Make your heart happy

I was in Mapusa market one afternoon, looking for a place to sit and have a coffee or chai. The sun was in its full expression and i was hot and sweating. The smells of Indian spices pierced the thick air; cumin, garam masala, mint, and cardamom and the density of the crowd of people - feeling like they all wanted a something from me - felt oppressive. 

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My Ayurvedic diagnosis : A playlist

I made a playlist of music that I've been carrying with me on my journey. Soulful tunes that might not have much Indian mantra but certainly leave me with that 'oh so relaxed' vibe. Perfect for train journeys, chilly nights with a lover, a long yoga practice or for riding your scooter with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

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Connections & Cotton in Kerala, India.

When it was time to leave, my friends (the family) and owners of this 75 year old, family run company, escorted me to the train station and waited until my train (which was predictably late) arrived. I assumed a quick goodbye would suffice once the train arrived but no, they insisted on walking me directly to my sleeping cabin.  

The most kind hearted, gracious hosts.  I am excited to do some great business with them.  

Now you might have a better understanding of where your Camelia makeup bag comes from, why you might not find the same color again (so snap it up quickly) and what kind of energy, and philosophy it supports.  We really do pay with our dollars.

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