I recently went on another road trip. This time I drove west, and alone. 

I have been wanting to take Love Nomadic on the road for a while now, to meet customers and spread the word outside of the north east. 

Road tripping has always been one of my favorite ways to travel, which is why this trip was exciting to me. If you've followed anything I've been building here at Love Nomadic, travel is always the foundation of what's going on. 

It was three weeks of non-stop movement, both physically and creatively. I stayed with friends, in roadside motels, and the occasional night I pulled over for a few hours of shut eye!

Most of the designs for Love Nomadic are inspired, one way or another, by travel. They are usually informed by the world around me; colors, shapes, and textures made by nature. Movement is definitely at the core of the design process and the next season collection is already forming.

I have some major thanks to offer to the following people. Click on the links below to see what they're all up to. Love Nomadic has some creative friends and I couldn't have been happier to be out on the road visiting them all.

I'm a big believer in the power of travel as your portal to real, global education. You'll never really know the world from a book, or the newspaper.  We are told so many lies about what's happening in the world, but it is through our own experiences that we create it.

Great style is spread throughout this amazing country. From small town Texas seeing guys in chaps, that aren't assless, to native american Indians sitting in hip coffee shops wearing a bola tie and long braid. Boho chic was all over California, and fringe was spotted throughout all the small towns I visited, in the south. The Love Nomadic customer is truly roaming through these beautiful lands.

But, the most stylish of all was Mother Nature. She had me speechless with her wild outfits and expressive flair for color and mis-matched pieces that always seemed to go together.

My Big Ol thanks: 

Louisville, KY: Taylor MacFarlane - this soul sister is the co-creator of two companies.  Her design and branding company Revive and the movement studio Louisville Bowspring. 

Tulsa, OK: Annie Clark - This bad ass kicking woman has been a friend from CT - owner of the super sweet yoga studio Hello Yoga in Wilton, CT  (which she continues to own and run from Tulsa operating it as a teachers collective). She put me up TWICE - and organized a trunk show at her house with a ton of her friends, which was a smashing success!)

Los Angeles, CA: Elise Ballard - Elise is an author, producer, speaker and actress. She is also a brilliant mind and expert on Epiphanies. She wrote the book Epiphany and is owner of the website Epiphany Channel. Mostly, she's just a dear friend. A true sister who will always have your back and support you through so much. We had a blast! 

Denver, CO - Linsday Giles McWilliams. Ok, this creative being is bursting with talent; Singer, songwriter, gallery owner and amazing photographer!  Phew..and she's a beauty both inside and out. It's sort of a little intimidating being around her. I gush!  Her work is amazing and we had a blast for 4 days in her town.