Goa life and fashion

I met my British friend Kelly Isaac, from Yogangster, at Magic Park as I had instructed her to tell her taxi driver. She was coming in from a production trip in Delhi and found an opportunity to spend three days with me in Goa. 

Kelly likes fine things like champagne and Gucci.  She's gorgeous and sexy and hip.  She knows fashion, she once owned a high end lingerie company that sold costume lingerie made from fine english silk to sex kittens who like to dress and role play.  Kelly is down to earth, with humble backgrounds, but she likes the finer things in life for sure.  

So, when I found her sitting on cushioned bamboo chairs in her sleek black dress she turned to me and said "Bloody hell babe, I feel like I've arrived in a hippie commune."

She's not too far from the truth.  Goa style and sensibility leans toward to high end hippie, bohemian culture.  It's all color, texture, tassle and printed fabrics; lycra and suede and breathable cottons.  It's expressive and bold, sexy and badass, determined and whimsical.  

I get a lot of inspiration for design in Goa. I find the bohemian culture tends to be renegades in the world of fashion. There is no fear, there's just curiosity and creativity. Anything goes, but it's cohesive...most of the time.  I look for shapes and color trends.  I see combinations I would not were i looking just on the streets of major cities.  The experimentation is everywhere.

See for yourself.