My Ayurvedic diagnosis : A playlist

It was a sunny, hot mid morning in Goa - not unlike most days on the sunshine coast. My EFT tapping session went over a little longer it should have but that was because I didn't want to stop the conversation with my dear friend Jennifer. She is highly intuitive and skilled at her craft. 

I jumped on my scooter and sped off (ok, at 45 mile an hour) to arrive at my Ayurvedic appointment in the next town. I had been feeling a little lethargic, scattered in my brain, and had some joint pain that was nagging me. I felt mostly healthy apart from all of that but I knew that I was out of balance somehow and I was sure it was the foods I was eating, or wasn't eating.

The doctor asked me a few question, checked my pulse, laid me on the table and felt around my abdomen and in less than 15 min declared I had a Vata imbalance. He nailed exactly my symptoms without me having to say much, he exactly described how my body was feeling and, most random, what kinds of thoughts I was having.

He told me that I am normally an equal balance of Vata & Pitta but now my Vata was out of balance and that is connected to air and space. Without going in to too much detail (you should definitely read up about Ayurveda, and I may even do a separate post about it) he wrote up a detailed program for me to follow.

Among certain foods he told me I should avoid, he gave me a list of the foods that I should eat some breathing exercises, some mantras and suggested yoga poses (straight backed and balancing poses are best). What was cool though was that he even prescribed the kind of music I was to listen to; no rock and roll. Relaxing, 'chill' or mantra music only. Which is weird, because I'd been really craving listening to some soul and deep chill and house.

So, I made a playlist of music that I've been carrying with me on my journey. Soulful tunes that might not have much Indian mantra but certainly leave me with that 'oh so relaxed' vibe. Perfect for train journeys, chilly nights with a lover, a long yoga practice or for riding your scooter with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

I call this 'It's only life after all' OR 'My Balancing Vata' playlist.