Every night around 5:30pm people start to gather and take their spots on the beach in Arambol, Goa.  It usually starts with the people selling their handicrafts.  They lay their blankets out, merchandise their product, add some weight to the corner of their blankets so the wind doesn't pick them up and then hang out with each other. 

Then come the drummers.  One by one.  First you might hear the sounds of the djembe, then the congas and then slowly the beat expands and the sound builds and the crowd gathers.  

The drum jam is a pulsing, throbbing event.  It happens organically, no one person is the organizer of it, everyone knows where it's held, it's a given.  It's a gift each night to know that there is this open event that isn't about making money or about someone being a leader.  Although, there are people selling and making money and there are a certain 'known' leaders, the ones who are always at the jam.  Maybe it's human nature at it's most natural.  All the animals are out, with no guidance and just doing their thing.  I did once pick up a hot guy there...the animals are out I say.

I think about this drum jam a lot when I'm working away.  It's packed with stylish and creative people; and I take great inspiration at the fearless way people dress and embrace each other.  We can get caught up in social graces and uniform dress codes here in west and I think it feeds into our psyche in a way that doesn't always serve us.

So, when I think of Love Nomadic and how I want the store to evolve, I think of the drum jam.  I think of the relaxed nature of creative chaos.  A drum beats, then another, then another, then someone dances then another and another and then someone brings out a flute or some shakers and some other weird instruments and suddenly, a community is formed.  

So, welcome to the nomadic nature of creative chaos.  Things will change and evolve here, and I hope you enjoy the travel side of this website as much as the products that come out of travel.