"I met you at the Hester holiday market in New York and just loved your energy and vision.   It was such a cold day but you were smiling and having a great time and most important I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fringe fatale bag.  I can't stop using it and getting compliments from everyone." Katie D (Washington D.C.)

"I love this company and what you're doing.  My wife loved her scarf.  Keep it up" Brian S (New York, NY)

"Can we follow you around on your travels and watch you discover things?  Definitely want to come on one of the Love Nomadic retreats some time.  Sounds amazing."  Jodie & Liz (Connecticut, NY)

"Got my fringe clutch, thank you?  All my friends want one.  You'll be getting more customers for sure and I'll definitely be coming to this site for more of my gifts.  Thanks for building this great company and keep traveling!" Beth F (Los Angeles, CA)


The way that Lyn has organised the course, yoga in the morning and writing in the evening, meant that we greeted each day with bodies and minds open to the sensory experiences that was the stuff of India. In the evening we were able to express those experiences with words through thought-provoking exercises aimed at exploring both the self and the world around us. The venue was gorgeous, the food exquisite and the people, warm and open. Loved every minute of it.’  Jean M (London, UK)

The retreat was one of the biggest gifts I could ever give myself. It was exactly what I needed at that time. Time for myself in an astonishing surrounding with a beautiful teacher. The location and the food were perfect and totally fitted in the whole perfect picture but of course that’s not what the retreat was about for me. It was about connecting with myself and discovering new things and finding new spaces I had not been before. The combination of yoga, meditation and writing made the difference. The writing-exercises Lyn gave us were extremely inspiring and gave me insights that ‘only’ doing yoga could not have given me in this single week. Besides wisdom, the writing gave me so much ease and joy and brought together everything that I could find in my mind, heart and body. Lyn challenged us to experience the week in a way that was perfect for ourselves, not for anybody else. I was most amazed with the effect of working with intentions for yourself. I could take big steps in doing something that is a great challenge for people who dare to live their life’s with eyes open and something that has always been a challenge for many of us: becoming more of you. During (and after!) the Yoga and Creative Week I became more of me. Incredibly thankful!!!!’ Anne L (Amsterdam, Holland)

I haven’t the words to correctly express how grateful I am for this retreat (ironically).  It wasn’t just for the opportunity to come to India, which I’ve always wanted to do, but then everything that Lyn brought to it.  Her hard work was evident in every moment and the group that came together was so special.  I am taking with me, some potentially, life altering habits and, as Lyn reminded us daily, I am going to trust my practices’ Marianne E (Connecticut, USA)

Dear Lyn, Thank you so much for your supportive following of my journey.  Your wisdom you shared regarding fear really pivoted my perspective and assisted in the shift I was looking for.  I pulled up the original email I sent you the other day and I felt so grateful for your faith in this journey for me from the beginning.  You led a beautiful, thought-provoking retreat.  I am so honored to be a part of it.  Thank you for your nurturing introduction to the beautiful and frustrating country of India’  Jessica R (Michigan, USA)