After two years scouring the globe in search of quality artisans whom we can support and work with, we have gathered a family of manufacturers that we trust and are excited to work with.


Sourced from two ethically run, family owned and operated manufacturers in Ecuador.

The traditional ponchos are made by a small family in the north of Ecuador, and some of our more highly crafted pieces come from a fair trade facility supporting woman knitters who are able to take their work home and still support the family.


Sourced in Colombia.  Manufacturers are a small husband and wife operation out of Bogota.

Each piece is hand cut and sewn to high quality standards.


Sourced from a fair trade weaving society out of Kerala.

Our cotton goods come from a fair trade hand weaving society in the south of Kerala.  This business has been in operation for the past 70 years and employs hand weavers, dyers and seamstresses within the local community.  They offer them fair wages and a share of profits with each quarter.  Silks are also sourced from small operations all over India.