Founded by Lyn Girdler; a yogi, a nomad, a writer and creative entrepreneur, Love Nomadic was born out of a love of travel and design.

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Lyn has called the north east U.S.A. home for the past 15 years.  With a passion for textiles, travel and good design Love Nomadic was born.

Her designs are born of frustrations from not being able to find comfortable, practical and beautiful items she could feel good traveling with and crossing over into everyday.

With a more than 10 years teaching and practicing yoga, and a lifetime of exploring the world the desire to combine  all her passions kept calling. 

The opportunity came after a three month journey through South India, when she noticed she enjoyed sitting on dusty floors of the Indian artisan's shops and drinking chai, watching things get made, rather than hanging out with other backpackers.  It came in a flash when she was sitting at the bar of The Mandala in Goa, talking to the owners and elusively throwing out an idea of hosting a yoga and writing retreat there (writing is another passion). 

In Goa, she met a wild Colombian artisan who would later turn out to be her companion through Ecuador and Colombia, seeking out family run businesses weaving ponchos for the local trade, and small, mum and pop businesses making leather bags.  It was a fortuitous meeting and, very quickly, Love Nomadic was born.

She ran her first yoga retreat in the January of 2013 and officially launched the website in May of 2014.  It’s been an exciting journey so far, and she has no plans to slow down.