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Photo: Lyn Girdler

Photo: Lyn Girdler

I don't know why the memo hasn't been made public yet but it's high time the U.S. roadways cut calories.  

If you've ever traveled through the U.S. portals; bus stations, airports, train platforms or highway rest areas you know they're governed by the fast food companies.  It's an injustice, seriously.

At Love Nomadic, physical health and well being come before any kind of product we sell.  A healthy mind and body is the sexiest outfit a nomad can wear.  But, it ain't easy in this country; it's all sugar, carbs, fat, processed meats, chemicals, preservatives, salt and little, to no real nutritional value.

And let's not even talk about the cost!  It's fatter than the burgers.

And let's face it, once you move away from the bigger cities your choices get slimmer and pun intended.

Here are some tips & suggestions for a healthy road trip that will keep your waistline trim and your wallet thin so your wanderlust feels satiated.

*Bring a few water bottles from home that you can fill up along the way. Every rest stop has a filtered drinking water station.

*Don't just pack a lunch, buy some ingredients to make your own lunch each day - depending upon your length of travel.  Every road side rest stop has tables you can sit at, and some of the bigger ones will have all the cutlery you need. Here are the ingredients for a simple and easy wrap that can be made quickly at a stop.

     ~Soft Flour tortilla wraps (Rice cakes are a good alternative if you're gluten free)
     ~ Hummus (or a spread that appeals)
     ~ Avocado (you'll have to bring a plastic bag to keep it for the next day)
     ~ shredded carrot (we found a great organic bag at whole foods)
     ~Greens of your choice
     ~Mung beans or sprouts.

spread it all on - keep it thin so the wrap will actually wrap tightly - and you'll have a delicious and healthy lunch or snack.

*Snacks!   They break the boredom of thought and monotony of movement that can sometimes take over.  It's a reality that needs to be addressed so do it up front.  Here are healthy and tasty suggestions for on the road snacks.

     ~ snap pea crisps (salty and crunchy.)
     ~ Fruit.  I recommend oranges, apples & berries that can be in container and won't make too much mess.  Bananas are good if they're to be eaten quickly
     ~ drinking yogurt (but, best consumed early in the won't hold long if you don't have a cooler with ice in the car).
     ~Dried fruit and nuts
     ~Lentil crisps (can be dipped in the hummus) and a good alternative to potato chips
     ~ Your favorite chocolate or salty snack.  I don't think it's healthy to abstain completely from a taste bud party, you just don't want to get caught out having to eat crap when you're hungry.

It's important to stop and get out of the car.  The shift in momentum will reset your body and the fresh air will reset your mind.  You need to move your legs every few hours.

Movement and exercise is important.  Don't just get out at a rest stop and walk to the bathroom, take a walk around the building.  Do some stretching or yoga.  

We also recommend bringing a jump rope - it's an effective and efficient way to get your heart jumping a little!  

So, now you have your tunes, some healthy snacks and meals and hopefully a good friend by your side.

See you on the road my fellow nomads.