Road Trip Playlist - Nomadic Culture


A good road trip playlist should cover all genres, moods and energies.  I don't think it has to be as organized as a party playlist because, just like the radio, you shouldn't know what's coming next. 

I was talking to my friend Matt today (he oversees the culture of a large chain of hip restaurants here in the area) about the ultimate road trip playlist.  I asked him what 5 songs would be an absolute on his list.  He laughed and said "Oh, you know I always go for things like Steve Winwood.  I don't know why"

We both agreed that the road trip playlist had to take you on a journey.  There are nostalgic songs to sing along to, songs to make you cry, songs that get you moving and singing at the top of your lungs.  Songs that take you back, songs that make you feel cool, songs that move you along an epic journey to make it feel nostalgic.

Where, one minute you're rocking out to Prince, or Guns & Roses and the next you're sitting back thinking about your ex in high school.  We were laughing our asses off thinking of some of the songs to put on the list.

And, do you start off strong...or deep and nostalgic?

The element of surprise is the key to a good road trip playlist - I think.  That said - it isn't easy to cover all tastes.

I got to and put together a playlist and I already know I've missed out some classics.  This one kicks off strong; probably not for your parents.  Click on the image and head on over to our spotify playlist.  It's a mix of some of the songs we got to play on our road trip south to Savannah & Charleston and some I wish we did play.  By no means is a final anthology.  This is one of many iterations and it's probably going to appeal to the Gen X's.

It's good on shuffle too.

Go ahead - get on the open road and knock yourself out...I mean, just hit play!