A tender moment with Casey Leigh Wiegand & our Under the stars sleeping bag/blanket

I've been watching the Wiegand family grow and share their natural and stylish lifestyle for a few years now. So, it's always a treat when Casey features one of our products in her photo shoots.

She got all giddy over our new Under the stars sleeping bag/blanket set and I can see why. 

My heart melted when I saw her little girl sleeping on our blanket. It's these moments that I dreamed of when designing this piece. So tender and intimate.

The Under the Stars sleeping bag/blanket was one of those pieces that I had to fight (myself) to include in the collection. It's not your everyday item and yet, it has so many uses. It's really such a practical piece for a stylish nomad.

Keep it in your airstream, or car, or for guests who stay over. It zips up to be a twin sized sleeping bag and opens up flat to be a queen sized quilt. I see movie nights, festivals, outdoor concerts & events, slumber parties and more.

Casey is offering 25% off our store - check out her blog to get the code. In the meantime;