Meet our new Nomad: Francesca

I’m a big believer in ‘the path’ or, manifestation or, more simply; life going right. I don’t think it’s magic, I just think that if you focus your efforts and your attention on what you need, based on what you want and get clear on your intention behind your behavior, you’re bound to end up somewhere pretty close to where you want to be. Usually better.

The ironic, or cool thing about all of it, though, is that when all all that good comes your way, and everything arrives if does just feel like magic just fell in your life. 

This is how it felt when I met Francesca.

I’d been asking for help with Love Nomadic for some time now. I get a lot of support and encouragement and I’d even gotten an amazing intern for the summer named Liza (she was amazing!). But, I needed someone who could devote a little bit of time and focus on content mainly, and with little direction.  

To be honest, even though I say this, I still wasn’t quite clear on the exact help I needed. I was just overwhelmed with doing everything, that the it was just blanket of help I needed!

I needed an Angel. With wings, preferably.

In dropped Francesca from some kind of help camp from Heaven. Seriously, that’s how it felt. I was asking for help every day; meaning I was 'praying' (read; talking to myself a lot in car rides...kinda begging) to be introduced to someone who could help grow Love Nomadic. Of course, after the prayers, I just asked people and introduced myself to strangers and told everyone who Love Nomadic was and what it was all about.

I just assumed a friend of a friend who has a cousin married to a brother with a daughter who has a friend, would somehow appear. That's usually how it happens, right?

But, then, an order for two Imali dresses came through. "What a hip woman this must be" I thought. Then, another order came through for more Imali dresses and I noticed they were from a customer in CT named Francesca. I was curious who this fashionable soul was but, mostly, I was grateful. So I reached out. I said thanks, gave her an update on her order and then invited her to come to the showroom any time she wanted.

So, she did. The next week. Within half a second of meeting her, we dropped right into easy conversation. She got Love Nomadic brand immediately, she felt the vibe and the saw the goal. Now, she’s an amazing part of the team.

I thank the big, bold universe every day and feel a little less crazy for all the random babbling I was doing on my car rides. I thank her mother and father for raising such a kind, spirited, funny and honest woman. I just adore her and want to write so much about my appreciation for her. But, I’m afraid I’m gushing.

I’d like to introduce you to our newest Nomad; Francesca. She’s our Content Nomad. Writing those poetic and creative lifestyle blogs that you’ve seen. She also brings me homemade granola and a full length mirror for the office when I keep forgetting to bring it myself…wait…I’m gushing again.

Ok – Here’s the lovely Francesca in her words.

If your best friend were to describe you in the 3 words, what would they be?

-I asked my brother to answer this question and he said “Loyal. Spirited & Dynamic.”

If your mother and father were to do the same, what would those words be?

“Adventurous. Insightful. Curious.”

Who has influenced your sense of style the most?

This is a hard question… There really isn’t one person who has influenced me. I treat style as a canvas of personal expression. I’m influenced by the world around me, cultures, art, textures, patterns, materials. I love combining things, colors and fabrics. As long as I can remember, my style has been different. I used to get in trouble in middle school because I was always trying to add a little flair to my uniform… a silk scarf (that I would sneak from my Dad’s handkerchief collection) or one of my older brother’s oversized sweaters. I was never a rebel, that was just my way of trying to figure it all out!

What does ethical fashion mean to you?

For me, ethical fashion means several things, stemming all the way back to the origins of the materials. They must be gathered in a way that in no way harms the Earth or the animals that walk on it. And, the production team, manufacturers, artisans, etc. must be treated in a moral way! We’re all human!

You're a nomadic spirited woman, how important is travel to you?

Travel is VITAL for me, but is also a funny subject. There is nothing more I love than being able to explore new cities, cultures, languages, places, people EXCEPT the luxury of being able to return home.

What are 5 essential items you carry when you travel?

2. Neck pillow -- I can practically sleep standing up with mine. I don’t know who makes it, but I found it in an airport a few years ago.
3. Camera or smartphone to take pictures
4. Reusable water bottle so you can take it through security empty and fill it up anywhere you go.
5. Map or travel book of city I’m visiting so I always know where I am and can explore as I wish – I grab mine at Barnes and Noble
**Bonus tip: Carry all essentials in a bag with a long strap that can go over your head, and rest secured on your body, and can transition from day to night. I have one I love that is a double zippered, leather bag in a neutral grey, so it goes with everything. I got online from Urban Outfitters.

**Side Note from Lyn: I would also recommend our Peridot Passport bags. These come in various colors. One below.


Window or aisle seat?

ALWAYS a window seat. I love being able to look out the window and see what I’m flying over—just another way to see the world. Even when we were little, my brother would take aisle and I would take window. That’s just the way we did it, no questions. 

What's your airport dress code?

LAYERS! And comfort. I always wear leggings and a pair of slip on boots, so it’s easy to get through security and I don’t need to be in bare feet in the airport. I like to wear a plain, loose t-shirt so I’m comfortable, but also look presentable (this is also key if you are leaving somewhere cold and headed towards warm weather – you don’t want to be stuck with long sleeves when you arrive!). A big, knit sweater to keep me cozy and warm, and always a soft scarf to keep my chest and throat covered. You never know what germs are moving through the vents and airspace in the airplane. I always have a hat with me, whether I’m going somewhere warm or cold, which is great to cover up messy hair that naturally develops while napping in flight. 

TRAVEL TIP: I try to wear things that take up space in my suitcase, are awkward to pack, or are heavy, like a hat, boots, or large sweater. 

Can you give a few song suggestions for a great travel playlist?

I like to listen to relaxing music while I travel, but that also has a lyrical component, so I’m not put to sleep if I don’t want to be, and can remain alert at all times while moving through the airport. Here are some examples!

1. Spring by The Innocence Mission
2. re:stacks by Bon Iver
3. Drift by Kim Janssen
4. Let it Go by James Bay
5. Tee Shirt by Birdy

**If you want a full album, I love anything by Ryan Adams for travel, especially his cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989. For me, road trip music is much different than airplane/airport music. When road tripping, I love upbeat music, following the vibe of songs like You Only Live Once by The Strokes, but when flying or moving through busy airports, it needs to be calming and peaceful.

What are your beauty tips for keeping fresh?

1. I ALWAYS have chapstick with a little color in it. I love Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. It keeps my lips soft and moisturized, while adding a kiss of color… you never know whom you’re going to run into…
2. Also a tinted facial moisturizer with SPF, which acts as a two in one, keeping your skin soft and protected, as well as a little bronzed. I love Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream hydrating color corrector with SPF 30. It’s a little pricey, but you don’t need much of it. I bought mine a few years ago, and I still have plenty left.
3. Lavender pure essential oil- it’s calming and balancing, and acts as a perfume if you need to freshen up while on the move. Get one that rolls on so it’s not messy and you can apply anywhere. I get mine at Whole Foods, but you can also order online.

So, that's the lovely Francesca ... see, told you she's great! Look out for her blog posts, they take you to distant places and great style!

You can also find her on Instagram at @itsthelovebird