How to transition your Kimono from summer to fall

The duster, or Kimono, was this summer's IT piece. It was all over the festivals, on the beaches from Long Island to Long beach and more than a few popped up around the streets of Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan.

It was the perfect 'I need to spruce this outfit up' piece. It flowed, shimmied,  floated and downright mesmerized if the wind caught it at the right moment. 

But, now that the weather is turning, is it really necessary to hang it up? We say no.

By just adding a simple cut off jean jacket, you've turned your light summer piece into something that has layers. It still speaks effortless cool and add's a bit if a punk rock twist to an otherwise bohemian style.

Pair it with some black jeans, or leggings and biker boots and you've got a complete look. Check out our version here (we recommend wearing shoes in the winter...but only if you have to!)