I'd traversed the country; from the coastal fishing villages of CT, through the leafy suburbs of Louisville, KY, the dustbowl flats of Oklahama and the vast, breathtaking canyons and mountainous horizons of New Mexico, Arizona & California. I found gratitude and love in California and some odd encounters in Utah. The Nomadic caravan of love and style pulled me in the direction of Denver to spend time in the artistic company of my dear soul sister; Lindsay Giles McWilliams.

She dusted off the vintage lenses, we walked the back streets of Denver, where chalked, colored and peeled walls begged us over. The scent of weed and good coffee wafted in the air, the threat of rain on this sultry day, imminent, but no mind, we played with it all.

Photos: Lindsay Giles McWilliams
Location: Denver