I’ve always had a passion for travel and I’ve succumbed to the nomadic lifestyle during various periods of my life.  I'm also a serial entrepreneur, but I've felt like it's all led to this.  

After many years in the textile industry as general manager of a fair trade cotton company and then, more recently in the self-help industry as a yoga teacher and retreat leader; love and fashion come naturally to me.  Or, I should say; love and expression is something I always seek.

I first created a line of t-shirts that sold out within the first week.  That experience gave me the insight, and affirmation, I needed to realize that this was something I wanted pursue.  

But, it was a chance invitation to spend three months in India which gave me the courage to go further.  It started with friendships first.  I made friends with many of the artisans and vendors I met in the market stalls and in the streets and, occasionally I had them make things for me.  I bought a lot of stuff that first trip and I set up market stalls in Australia, while I was visiting my family, and things started to move quickly from there. 

Relationships are my first priority.  I spend a lot of time with my manufacturers or artisans, getting to know about them and their families. I end up drinking a lot of Chai, or sitting around on dusty shop floors looking at family photos.  But, I like it that way.  I am often at the birth of many of the items I design.  It's a very proud moment.

I have always wanted a company where the priority was people first.  I have always run things that way.  If you have good people making the product and selling the product, you don't have to stress too much about good quality; that will always be a given.

I'm also keenly aware of the waste in our planet so, where possible, I reclaim materials I find and have them made into something beautiful.  

Fair trade is not a buzzword around here.

I’m mostly inspired by impermanence and the way things can change so beautifully if you don’t hold on to its original shape too tightly. 

I want you to come along for the ride.  As soon as I board a plane, or start a project, I have my Instagram ready to shoot .  I can't help but share the process and the unimaginable beauty of the world.  I’ll take you along as I shop and design and I’d love you to help make decisions.  You can see the work being done and meet the artisans.  

I just want to support good artists, and people making a living from their handiwork and craft.  It's important to keep the artist alive, it's truly what inspires beauty in the world.

Lyn Girdler, Founder.