On the run wash bag - Black Herringbone

On the run wash bag - Black Herringbone


Our on the run wash bag has been so popular that we didn't see any need to change it's shape, or functionality. We just made it smarter looking and more luxurious with added linen.

The herringbone design is a classic and this linen and cotton blend won't disappoint.

It's fully lined with nylon, so it has a degree of waterproofing without it being horrible plastic. It's fully machine washable too!

All handwoven, upholstery grade textile. Do you know what that means? .... very durable and flexible so you can fit more than you think and then it will stuff itself into the corners of your bag. 

9" in length
5" in height
3" in width
Fully lined with nylon
Blue herringbone
cotton & Linen blend

Machine washable.
Air dry

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