Nomadic Weekender : Black/White Herringbone

Nomadic Weekender : Black/White Herringbone


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The Perfect weekender tote has arrived, folks. But, don't limit it to the weekend... use it for the beach, your workout gear, your mama carryall. Heck, stock it up for a picnic.

Fully lined with cotton inner lining and pockets. One large zipped pocket for valuables on one side and two open pockets on the other side.

A pocket on the outside front.

This beautiful herringbone weave is made of cotton and linen and all handwoven.  Metal hardware gives it a strong finish.

We use high end, upholstery grade textiles. 


*Hand Woven
*Cotton & Linen Outer
*Natural Cotton Inner Lining
*Metal Hardware
*Upholstery Weight Fabric

*Dry clean
*Can be machine washed


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This weekender was one of the first designs I laid out on the table to my friends in Kerala. I'd been wanting a bag this size that I could take on flights with me, that wasn't too rigid or heavy but sturdy and sizeable. No small feat to achieve.

I've been working with this fabric society for many years, back when I was managing a fair trade textile company. I have been familiar with their work for more than 15 years and the bags that I have from 15 years ago still look like new.  The stitching is incredible and the fabric is strong. It's high end upholstery grade, so it should be.

Being in Kerala is like stepping back to a gentle time. Everything in Kerala is softer than the rest of India; also more lush and tranquil. It's a tropical state with a sweet and laid back sensibility.

I am treated like family when I come to this factory and I feel completely at home. So, I laid out the weekender in the morning as a design option and they had the first sample made for me by the end of the day! They work swiftly. Once the structural designs were in place, it was time to pick fabric.

It wasn't easy but I swept through the warehouse like I was on a mission (I only had 3 days!) and created the collection. Of course, more than the weekender came out of the visit but I think this is the bag I am most excited, and proud of.

I think you'll love it.

Here are some videos of the weaving and dying factory. Everything is done by hand here, and with great pride.