Kantha Spring Jacket #2

Kantha Spring Jacket #2

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Inspired by the traditional Rajasthani men's coat, we offer you our spring jacket made of vintage cotton stitched together in the classic kantha style. 

This has been a favorite since we launched this and, being one of a kind, they go fast. 

It's tailored slightly in the waist, with deep pockets on the outside of the jackets as well as INSIDE the each panel.

It's surprisingly warm because of the quilted nature of stitch style. You'll be stopped in the street for the beauty of this coat. 


shoulder width: 14"
Pit to pit width: 18"
Should to pit length: 8.5"
Sleeve length: 24"
Jacket length: 35"


Dry clean only.

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I'd arrived in Jaipur for only a few days but with only one agenda; to hunt. I had a list of numbers to call; friends of friends of friends... a chain link of information that at some point would put me in the places I needed to be. To find the right artisans to meet and work with directly.

That was my goal and my vision.

It was not shared by the rickshaw driver who had, in a sense, kidnapped all my transport options and had decided he would take me to the stores of all his friends. And, every time I tried to shake him he sniffed me out. Waiting for me outside a restaurant, in the lobby of my hotel every morning, or parked outside of every store. He was, essentially, cock blocking me from ever using any other rickshaw driver in the city as no one would approach me as long as he was around.

One of the people I had called had given me the name of a company in town. The store front was well known, she said, but they do excellent quality block printing and kantha manufacturing and, if I make the right connections there - they'll take me to the factory.

I had asked my driver to take me there and he flat out lied and said he didn't know but instead suggested a friends place. I was getting increasingly frustrated with him and asked him to drive on, back to the hotel. On the main road the stores are small and packed together, they're not easy to distinguish one from the other. As we were tearing down the road, we were approaching a wildly painted elephant. I pulled out my phone camera and, as we passed it, it raised it trunk and threw sideways toward us; spraying the rickshaw. "Good luck" my driver yelled out and, in that moment, my eye caught the name of a store sign that was the exact name of the store I was looking for.

Good luck indeed.

It did take me four hours of staying in the store to convince them that I was serious about manufacturing and having things made but, eventually I was ushered to the car out the back and taken to the factory.

And this is the story of your Kantha spring coat. All hand made and block printed.