My vision is to grow Love Nomadic to be a leader in the fashion and lifestyle industry for men and women who are interested in the world they live in, through the use of honest story-telling, fair trade and creative engagement.

I want to be an example of a successful women led business built from the ground up, to offer steady employment and support of artisans.

The product is sourced openly and made fairly by traveling deep into the source country to seek out small, family run manufacturers who might not otherwise get the opportunity to work with western companies.  My goal, as we grow, is to continue to provide sustainable employment to these families and support their cottage industries, while building a business that will provide employment for many others.

Besides being close to the production of all our fashion items, our creative yoga and writing retreats are the epitome of what this business stands for; conscious travel, creative spirituality and stylish sensibility.  The retreats are hosted in the countries where many of our products are sourced and offer a transformative view into the beauty of our world through intelligent yoga and observational and creative writing.

Through the use of social media outlets such as Instagramfacebook and our blog, you are offered an insight into the travel and design process, so you are drawn into the life and story of the brand.  This company is for you to enjoy, for you travel to distant lands and inspire creative and stylish revelation in your life, everyday.

We’ll need you to help achieve all this and support our growth and here are ways that you can help:

1/. Make a purchase.
2/. Share, or mention us on your social media channels.
3/. Tell your friends.
4/. Come on a retreat.
5/. Encourage a friend to join our retreat.
6/. Get involved in the conversation and feel free to ask questions.

Come travel with us... we're always on the run from the mundane.