Fashion at its best

Pieces of hand woven jewelry, large size leather bags that store more, colorful clutches that are small and portable, apparel that reflects the colors of their artisans culture and a playful sense of fun and natural perfumes that are unique, playful, seductive and sensual. Love Nomadic offers these exclusive products. 

What makes these products exclusive is their creation. They are created by communities and not factories and they are made in small numbers. Artisans don’t make bulk products as they work with their hands and they keep changing their designs to keep their products fresh. Many of the leather bags here, on this website, won't be found anywhere because each bag is exclusive to Love Nomadic and also in limited quantity. 

I offer products of fashion fair trade that I believe appeal to hip, stylish women with a conscience.  But this is not just about beautiful and exciting items of clothing and accessories, these products are about life and style and bringing an open heart to fashion.  Each item has it's own story and, when you buy a piece, you become part of that story.   

Love Nomadic offers items that are totally different as they are sourced from various, exotic places. Artisans don’t go to malls to sell their products. They sell their belongings in flea markets, and in the streets of their local community.  I build relationships with the artisans I buy from and pay them according to their fair price.  And they make beautiful products following my designs with a little bit of their own flair added.   

Love Nomadic also works as an artisan as I love making things too.  So, occasionally some of the items have been designed and made exclusively, in house. Every piece that I make has a vision and a narrative. 

Accessories and items of fashion fair trade is an opportunity for fashion conscious women to buy unique pieces of jewelry, leather bags and apparels at the best price.